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Get Lost in the Journey

Gracey Book Cover



     On her family's ranch, time slipped away from Gracey after the passing of her parents. She had not realized that five years had gone by since she had seen her lifelong friend Emily, until she received an invitation to visit Emily on holiday. Upon her arrival, she ‘bumps’ into a tall, dark, painfully handsome man and the likes of one she has never seen. Her life was about to change forever…
Through Gracey's eyes, you will unknowingly become Gracey and will see, feel and experience this epic journey as if you were there. You will know what it's like to have all that you thought, and all you believed, uncontrollably change, realizing that things aren't always what they seem to be. And legends...just real...


       The storm took more than Rebecca’s husband. It had ruined most everything she had. However, Rebecca was grateful that her horse Fella and dog Jack were spared. But how was she going to honor Robert's last request? Somehow, she finds the strength to do as she must. In the middle of nowhere the sound of thunder cracked through the air, bringing two enormous men on horses in a cloud of dust. Rebecca realized just how alone she was…

Through Rebecca's eyes, you will experience, feel and see exactly how life ends up going to a place you've never imagined...


     Bethany lives in a post dystopian time, much like people once lived in the 1800’s, with no technology. Bethany and her brother are on their way to the big city to buy a gown for her twenty-seventh birthday ball when her life gets completely derailed and her brother is seriously wounded. Bethany is rushed to her brother’s side and finds the doctor with no help and assists any way she can when suddenly, an enormous man, covered in blood, is rushed in. A man that Dr Wilson knows well. Even through his roaring temper, fevers and oatmeal thrown all over her dresses, he survived…But…will she survive him? Bethany is told in first person so you get to see, feel and experience exactly what she does as her journey unfolds… 



5 stars A must read for Romantics!!!!

August 27, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Wow! What a wonderfully written book, I didn't want to put it down. You want to cheer for sweet Gracey and applaud when she puts a few people in their place. A true love story with some twists and turns to keep the suspense up. Well done, Tamalyn! I just downloaded Rebecca and look forward to reading all about her and getting caught up in her world! Vickie


5 stars A book well worth the time to read it !!!!

April 4, 2017

Verified Purchase

I love this book and am finding it really hard to put down! There is excitement in every chapter and twists and turns and unexpected happenings. I truly love Tamalyn's style of writing. I can not say enough about this book . I suggest you read it. You, too, will love it.



5 stars Especially the tub scene would be comical in a movie haha!

March 4, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Bethany is a book about a woman who cares about everybody's well being and little about her own. People say actions speak louder then words, but in Bethany's case, hearing is believing . She is oblivious to the things going on around her until the words are spoken and touch her heart. Bethany was the light at the end of someone's long and dark tunnel. Thank you, mom, for my Christmas present I truly loved it. Keri

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Tamalyn E Scott was born in the small town of Ithaca, New York, but raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Her life has been an amazing journey that has taken her to many states from Florida, to living in Kodiak Alaska and coming full circle back to Florida. She definitely knows what ‘extreme’ means! 

With many talents, which she enjoys, in her spare time she loves art and music. Two of her paintings are in the Nortre Dame archives for research. Tamalyn has played guitar since she was young and later, winning a songwriters contest by the ‘Nashville Song Writers Association’, but writing has always been her passion. 

With Tamalyn’s background in songwriting, which are short stories to begin with. Tamalyn created a world where chivalry isn’t dead, men have honor, woman is respected, men believe in honesty, faith, commitment and honoring their oath to God…

And by the way, if you notice on the cover of Rebecca, Tamalyn and her very own handsome knight, Randy, are on the cover!